102 – CTTS4 Special – Utopia Series 1 Ep 1


It’s Time To Get Into….

UtopiaS01E01If You Haven’t Found: UTOPIA – YOU MUST – Check Out This Amazing UK Produced Show

Bob & J-Dean Invite Some Close Friends To Talk About One Of The Best TV Series Produced in the Last Three Years

Stayed Tuned Over The Summer As We Break Down All Six Episodes Of This Exciting First Series

Our Panel:

Bob Garlick of:

J-Dean Christie of:

Ken McGrath of:

Antonio Amaral of:

Here Are The Questions We Asked:

  • 1. Best Character   (development of the character or just a great character)
  • 2. Best Scene   (visual, plot moving or wow factor)
  • 3. Weirdest or Confusing Scene  (visual, plot moving or wow factor)
  • 4. Best Line
  • 5. Score out of 5 (no such this a perfect 5 so actually 4.9 out of 5 is the best score)

Our Episode Ratings:

  • Bob: 4.5
  • J-Dean: 4.4
  • Ken: 3.7
  • Tony: 4.7

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