104 – CTTS4 Special – Utopia Series 1 Ep 2


Our Panel:

Bob Garlick of:

J-Dean Christie of:

Ken McGrath of:

Antonio Amaral of:

Stephanie Michelle Scott of:

Here Are The Questions We Asked:

  • 1. Best Character   (development of the character or just a great character)
  • 2. Best Scene   (visual, plot moving or wow factor)
  • 3. Weirdest or Confusing Scene  (visual, plot moving or wow factor)
  • 4. Best Line
  • 5. Score out of 5 (no such this a perfect 5 so actually 4.9 out of 5 is the best score)

Our Episode Ratings:

  • Bob: 4.5
  • J-Dean: 4.4
  • Ken: 3.7
  • Tony: 4.7
  • Stephanie:

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