56 – A delightful Hot Mess with Jay Long the Creator of SupaFi-64


One from the vaults – Bob and Marcel talk with…SupaFi64

Jay Long and his podcast at SupaFi64 which is a mix of all sorts of angles and ideas. He uses BlogTalkRadio as his main publishing site and now is doing more Hangouts.

After one year of podcasting he has over 120 shows so a very prolific guy with over 30,000 downloads. Much nerdiness ensues with some great inside info. Pulp culture, comics, zombies, vampires and how it has become excepted in society.

  • Samara Jack
  • Power Puff Girls Trivia
  • Veronica Mars
  • Dr Who CGI
  • Power Rangers

Obscure comic book “Lock and Key” is explained. Check it out here. The potential of great new shows through crowed sourcing and being able to get to watch what we want.


His sources:

Scifi Now for great news on what’s going on with nerdy Scifi stuff

G4TV More great news.

Guess which shows he picks for our time honored desert island question. We also ask him what comic or graphic novel would he take as a bonus.

Supafi64 hangout link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x88CWxjUzDQ



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