70 – Documentary Night with Kyle and the Boys


Discovering what Real coverage is all about.


Post Factum:

Bob stretches out the opening then introduces J-Dean while dropping some info about a Bitcoin Vancouver Meet-Up that he attended

On today’s show the boys talk about:

J-Dean humble brags about his year of Non fiction & pines for his favourite video rental house of the past a Vancouver icon:

Then he breaks down the emotional difference, depth & connection of docs as he introduces their guest:

Kyle ran a documentary website for 5 years & Now he specializes in:

& he feels the best way to be inspired & to learn about Liberal Arts, Politics, economics, or how the world really works is to watch a few good documentaries

All this great knowledge that used to be suppressed is so accessible online thru:

QFK: Does the mass amount of content create it’s own version of suppression by overwhelming the viewer?

Kyle thinks yes but if you Google: Free streaming documentaries – there are some great sites organizing the content for you – like:

Kyle adds that the discussions around the films are much more sophisticated on Top Docs & Reddit Docs then places like You Tube

Also mentioned:

  • Zeitgeist – 2007 – IMDB: 8.3 – 333 600 users

Then Bob jumps in & defines the different levels of documentaries:

QFK: How do you discern if it’s just BS or worth watching?

Kyle responds with:

Next the guys go deeper into the discussion about the community around documentaries & how that can define validity

Mentioned along the way:

Then Kyle adds that some of the best things worth talking about are what offends people, especially in a politically correct society

OT: Then the conversation rolls into a discussion about the bad business deal that is the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline
& the old political paradigms at the helm.  Best line so far from Kyle “I think we have a government being run by dinosaurs”

Next the guys shift into sharing some of their favourite documentaries in a round table fashion:

  • JD – The Corporation – 2003 – IMDB: 8.2 – 15 100 users
  • K – Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds – 2012 – IMDB: 8.7 – 261 users
  • B – Koyaanisqatsi – 1982 – IMDB: 8.3 – 20 200 users
  • JD – Fog Of War – 2003 – IMDB: 8.3 – 15 900 users

Which brings up:

Next up:

  • K – Century Of Self – 2002 – IMDB: 8.9 – 1725 users


The part where J-Dean comes clean on his dark money laundering business & the guys lament about the passive society in which we live – Which takes us into:

  • WarGames – 1983 – IMDB: 7.1 – 56 500 users

Then Bob continues with:

More from the same Director:

Also mentioned:

Next Kyle picks:

The part where J-Dean discusses the need to end the Free Model (People are the Product) Vs. the Value for Value Model (Pay what it’s worth)

Recommended by:

The part where the guys discuss how living in a global civilization is a lottery & that we have the power to change that world & how technology will be the key to that transformation – which segues them into:

  • JD – The Panama Deception – 1992 – IMDB: 7.4 – 738 users

Also talked about:

But Kyle gets the best line again – “As long as it’s not like..”

  • Elysium – 2013 – IMDB: 6.7 – 166 800 users

Next Bob changes direction and takes the guys into Docudramas by starting with the history/story of Sparta & other historical fiction:

  • Spartacus – Starz – 3 seasons + 1 miniseries – IMDB: 8.7 – 113 508 users
  • Rome – BBC/HBO/RAI – 2 seasons – IMDB: 8.9 – 64 300 users
  • Deadwood – HBO – 3 seasons – IMDB: 8.8 – 40 700 users
  • Robin Hood – 2010 – IMDB: 6.7 – 160 900 users

Bob continues to describe how Hollywood continues to romanticize historical fiction while TV has started to bring the dirty reality back into focus. Which ignites J-Dean to challenge Bob to watch:

  • Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father – 2008 – IMDB: 8.6 – 10 900 users


The part where Bob & J-Dean continue to back & forth on Documentaries Vs. Docudramas & then it tangents into a comparison of TV & Movies to specific kinds of drugs

And finally Bob asks Kyle what 5 documentaries Kyle would bring to a Desert Island:

  • 1. Baraka – 1992 – IMDB: 8.5 – 20 300 users

Which takes them into:


  • 2. Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds – 2012 – IMDB: 8.7 – 261 users

Also talked about:


Also mentioned:


  • 4. Cosmos: A Personal Voyage – PBS – 1 season – IMDB: 9.3 – 11 000 users


The part where Bob shares the beauty & power of documentaries to break down knowledge into understandable pieces.

  • 5. America Before Columbus – 2009 – IMDB: 6.8 – 61 users

They talk about:

The part where they share how documentaries can get you to see & hear the stories not just from the winners perspective or the propagandistic government’s point of view & the influenced media on subjects like:

Bob signs off in a messy way with a shout out to the folks at Bitcoin Vancouver
And Lastly:

You’ll have weeks & weeks & weeks of content to check out there


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