73 – Hacking through Web Series Heaven

High Maintenance’s Delivery Man

The Best shows for people with short attention spans…

Post Factum:

Bob loses his mind a bit during the intro then him & J-Dean reach the TMI part of the show *Now w/ Codeine* as they name drop some animated series of old:

  • Rocket Robin Hood – Independent – 3 seasons – IMDB: 6.2 – 104 users
  • Hercules – Syndication – 128 – 5 min episodes – IMDB: 7.1 – 132 users
  • Spider-Man – ABC – 3 seasons – IMDB: 7.5 – 1306 users
  • The Flintstones – ABC – 6 seasons – IMDB: 7.6 – 15 700 users

Which segues them into low budget, crowd funded & no budget shows found exclusively online

J-Dean’s List of Web Series he found in a day:


Graphic Novelesque:


Reality Show Parodies:


Younger Audience:

B Level:


Tech / Culture / Info:

Which were your favourite shows from the list?

Which reminds J-Dean of:

J-Dean’s next favourite series:

Which were your favourite shows from the list? Which ones did you go crazy for & binge watch?

The part where J-Dean realizes he may need help from The Geek Therapist:

Geekdoms covered:

Bob’s next choice:

Also from Doug & talked about:

Reminds J-Dean of:

& they also mention:

Which segues into:

Next Bob gets into:

Best Episodes:

Which J-Dean transitions into:

Then the guys talk about the great writing on low budget/no effects web series which reminds Bob of:

J-Dean then takes them into the super hero spoof:

Created by:

Also mentioned:

Then J-Dean quickly moves into:


Great Guests:

Bob then introduces:


Next the guys introduce:

Which brings up:

The part where the guys talk about whether these stories created for the web would cross over to the big & small screen then J-Dean takes them into:

Which guest stars a giant list of well known Actors & more:

The Bob takes the guys into several interactive web series:

Also mentioned:

Which transitions into:

Then the guys discuss the depth of interactivity possible & the future of story participation in series production

The Book Bob mentioned is called:

Also mentioned:

OT: Bob tells an interesting story of the change/adaption of the mercantile business in Thailand as a way to deal with the struggling economy – & it’s not being reported by the major media.

Bob’s Links about Thailand:


What Web Series have you seen that we need to check out?


You have to check out some high quality Fan Fiction from the Star Trek Universe:

Lastly, here are some great original web series to support/fund on Kickstarter 

Guidestones production at the Guidestones Monument in Elbert County, Georgia, USA


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