78 – Understanding the Mind of Zachary Goldberg


Zarlie Gaplin

Understanding one mans creative vision…

Bob and J-Dean get a chance to interview a True non-cynic about life, art, entertainment & film. Zachary Goldberg is an open book about his love of story telling & film making. Check out & join him on the journey of creativity at his website: We have Embarked

Post Factum:

Bob opens the show with his usual charm & aplomb then he intros J-Dean & mentions this photo of their guest
J-Dean welcomes the listeners & introduces:

Zach says Hi & shares that #CrazyTVTalk is his 1st Podcast – the guys are honoured as J-Dean gushes about Zach’s website & all the wonder & creativity the listener will find there:

J-Dean continues with the 1st Question for Zach:

QFG: What is Your Website about & what are you saying to the world?
Zach’s friend describes his site as:

His Website should not be mistaken for:

He wanted to create a platform not just for his work:

It’s called We Have Embarked because:

This segues Bob into how he came to find out about Zach through one of his articles on his Blog:

Zach fills us in on the circumstance that occurred that compelled him to write the article:

This brings up:

Film Jobs in the credits you don’t hear about like:

Next J-Dean brings up:

The part where Bob brings up the bubble on set or:

J-Dean chimes in with his analogy:

  • Imagine a sporting event that lasted for 20+ hrs in stead of 2+ hrs
  • “That’s what film production does day in & day out”

also mentioned:

  • The emotional beats on set – We must get this shot
  • The underlying metronome – We must get this shot
  • The militaristic beat – We must get this shot

Then the guys continue to talk about “the choice” to be there for the art while understanding all the risks unlike other professions:

Also Mentioned:

Then Bob jumps in to be the voice of doom & gloom:

Thankfully, Bob changes the feel & tone by moving into some of the great cinema discussion on Zach’s site & they get into:

QFG: Who is your Muse? Who are You striving to be as a goal?
The 1st thing that attracted Zach was:

He has come to love the humanity & romanticism of:

Zach continues with his connection with “The Patron Saint of spiritual filmmaking

QFG: What about them do you Love?  What about them is helping you advance yourself as a Director?

QFG: What motivates you personally? Where is the power or passion coming from?
Distilled Quote:

  • “Growing up Cinema became my conduit for understanding the world. It became my way to contextualize & understand things. Growing up I was hyper-aware of the world around me & the relationships with friends in High School – the way people treated each other.  I always felt like I was watching from the outside looking in – like I was observing.  I always felt a slight loneliness – despite having a wonderful group of friends & family who always supportive of everything I did.  I was never actually sure where that hole came from but what I did know is that when I watched these Movies & Television shows.
  • It made me feel connected to something greater because there was this idea that there were other people in the world who were going through the same stuff & they took those stories & manifested them into their own creation & shared them with me.  As I grew up I wanted to be able to be the one to take the emotions I’m feeling about my relationships & my place in the world my understanding or lack of understanding put it into my own work, share it with another person so that maybe they themselves can see the world a little bit differently”

Then Bob asks:
QFG & QFL: Are we in the Golden Age of content? Or are we in the Crappy Age of Content?

Mentioned along the way:

QFG & QFL: Is Content King?

QFG: How do you approach a project?
It definitely varies for his project:

They specialize in Home Video Distribution of beautiful High End BluRay Releases of important Classic & Contemporary films by:

Also mentioned:

Zach’s project created inspired versions of their highly coveted cover Art & his pitch – micro-content “what can you share in 6 seconds“?

  • Zach On the idea of Vine – “If you can put the tools of production into the hands of your audience/user essentially you are crowd sourcing that story”

Mentioned along the way:

QFB & JD & QFL: Do you think we are going back to the renaissance model of Artists & the Patrons who directly fund them? Is it the end of the gatekeepers?
Bob’s brings up:

J-Dean talks about:

Which brings up:

Next Zach shares his film school experiences with the guys & his opportunity to be one of the last classes to use film at:

QFG: Is the cost of it worth it?

Next the guys change directions & talk about what Zach likes to watch in his spare time:

He watches a lot of TV & a lot of films & still manages to make a living which brings up:

  • True Detective – HBO – 1 season – IMDB: 9.4 – 102 200 users

Friends told Zach it would take a few episode to get into it – he was hooked right away because of:

J-Dean’s line of the episode “They don’t blow their load & act like assholes”:

Here is Zach’s TV watching schedule:

  • Justified – FX – 5 seasons – 6th/2014 – IMDB: 8.7 – 43 900 users – It’s a great modern western
  • Breaking Bad – AMC – 5 seasons – IMDB: 9.6 – 481 700 users
  • The Wire – HBO – 5 seasons – IMDB: 9.4 – 109 300 users
  • Parks and Recreation – NBC – 6 seasons – 7th/2014 – IMDB: 8.6 – 60 700 users
  • Girls – HBO – 3 seasons – 4th/2014 – IMDB: 7.5 – 33 500 users
  • Veep – HBO – 2 seasons – 3rd/2014 – 4th/2015 – IMDB: 7.8 – 11 600 users – A very funny political satire
  • Louie – FX – 3 seasons – 4th/2014 – IMDB: 8.6 – 31 900 users – The best comedy on TV
  • Game Of Thrones –  HBO – 3 seasons – 4th/2014 – IMDB: 9.4 – 410 000 users

QFG: What is your guilty pleasure TV show that you are ‘almost’ ashamed of?

Zach hasn’t watched -YET:

  • House of Cards(US) – Netflix – 2 seasons – 3rd/2015 – IMDB: 9.0 – 113 900 users
  • The Americans – FX – 2 seasons – 3rd/2015 – IMDB: 8.2 – 21 600 users
  • Sons Of Anarchy – FX – 6 seasons – 7th/2014 – IMDB: 8.8 – 104 100 users
  • Battlestar Galactica – Sci-Fi – 4 seasons + 2 TV films + 3 webisodes – IMDB: 8.7 – 87 000 users

Also talked about:

  • Lost – ABC – 6 seasons – IMDB: 8.6 – 270 500 users – He was the answer guy when it was on & to this day he still gets: “Yo Zach – I didn’t like the ending to Lost – I Didn’t Write It!”
  • Firefly – Fox – 1 season – IMDB: 9.1 – 125 900 users
  • The Twilight Zone (original) – CBS – 5 seasons – IMDB: 8.9 – 27 600 users
  • Planet of the Apes – 1968 – IMDB: 8.0 – 111 700 users
  • Jaws – 1975 – IMDB: 8.1 – 294 800 users

The part where J-Dean shares his “if I could go back in time & talk to any creative & interview them” It would be:

Also mentioned:

Zach’s favourite episode is:

Next Bob runs down a list of great shows to see what Zach has missed:

On his list:

  • Sherlock – BBC One – 3 seasons – 4th/2015 – IMDB: 9.3 – 266 700 users
  • The IT Crowd – Channel 4 – 4 seasons + 1 special – IMDB: 8.6 – 64 200 users
  • Hell on Wheels – AMC – 3 seasons – 4th/2014 – IMDB: 8.3 – 23 800 users – all about the making of the railroad

Loves it list:

Enjoys it list!:

  • Masters of Sex – Showtime – 1 seasons – 2nd/2014 – IMDB: 8.2 – 12 200 users
  • Archer – FX – 5 seasons – 6th/2015 – IMDB: 8.9 – 46 100 users

Hasn’t Heard of it List!:

Checkout the #CrazyTVTalk Blog for more show ideas


Zach adds – If you like Deadwood there is a great documentary called:

Zachary’s Top 4 Dessert Island Shows:

Bob’s bonus recommendation:

Please check out Zachary Goldberg & his Art


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