84 – Continuum Season 3 Special – Part 3


The Gang Grows & They Find Even More to Talk About…


Stephanie M. Scott & Ken McGrath & Tony Amaral join Bob & J-Dean for a continuing Live Special Series all about Our favourite show!

Welcome to Part 3 which covers Season 3 episodes:

  • 07 – Waning Minutes
  • 08 – So Do Our Minutes Hasten
  • 09 – A Minute of Silence

The folks went in the discussion with 4 basic questions:

  • What was the Best Scene of the episode?
  • Who had the Best Character Development of the episode?
  • What was the Best Line of the episode?
  • What was the Worst or Most Confusing Scene of the episode?

Next they rated each episode on a scale from 1-5

Enjoy the show!!

Watch the Hangout here:


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