88 – Just Another Bob & J-Dean Show


The Guys Slow it Down & Talk About Some of Their Favorite Understated & Underrated Shows.


Masters of sex gets some great comments and chatter from Bob and J-Dean


Bob gets into talking about the Mentalist and pitches it to J-Dean who has yet to pick it up!


A blunt but accurate segue regarding Archer on the topic if they can pull this show out of the dumpster


Bob talks about this show that has been out for some time and as he says you should be checking this show out.


Looks like the boys love this show. Need we say more!

Reece Shearsmith, left, and Steve Pemberton in the opening episode of Inside No 9.

Great intellectual show with some great moments, writing acting, production etc etc. Hey it’s British so it’s gotta be great.


Love it! Veep is hitting it on all cylinders. The in-between show that is less comic (if you can believe it) than “Alpha House” and way less serious than “House of Cards”.


2 Women telling their funny F’d up stories. Check it out.