29 – HANGOUT NIGHT: Bi-Weekly Hangouts, Canadian Shows, Family Friendly Shows, Once Upon a Time & The Walking Dead

Our guests, hangout regulars:  @numbercrunchers & @robert_o!

There was a really bad echo this week that everyone can hear except the listening audience (of course). There were issues with people getting into the Hangout as well. Darn you, Google+, why isn’t your amazing free service perfect at all times?

Bob discusses Sanctuary, which he’s just started watching, and Marcel really wants him to start watching more things week to week. Then Wil Wheaton becomes a topic of conversation. Marcel insists they say nice things about them, otherwise they could never hope to say his name three times and have him appear, and then he says mean things about him which are intended to come off as exaggerated or ironic or something. We love you Wil Wheaton.

Marcel declares that Alex Dunbar’s interview will be on the site this week, and it’s already on the site because we post things out of order. Yay!

Then Marcel discusses the new theme and hates the echo, so so much.

Marcel discusses the future of the show. The Hangouts will now be bi-weekly for various whiny reasons.

Roberto Suarez of Jupiter’s Rooster and Trailer Clash drops in! Roberto has some audio issues (granted, we all do this week) so we apologize if you have to lean in really close to your computer to hear everything. He discusses the recent finale of The Walking Dead and its adherence or lack thereof to the comic book series.

Roberto discusses the future of his podcast sites in the new year.

Marcel asks about Sam Raimi after discovering his involvement with Spartacus, and rants about the new Oz movie. Roberto and Marcel share excitement for the Evil Dead remake.

Randall’s been getting into Once Upon a Time and the boys get into a discussion about what’s family friendly on TV these days. Marcel begins with a rant about how there are no standards on TV anymore, but the boys close out the conversation with a bunch of great candidates for shows to watch with your kids.

Randall brings up Murdoch Mysteries, which Marcel recently gave a shot.

CBC shows! Warning, to our American watchers: The last twenty minutes of the show references Canadian shows almost exclusively. Marcel refers to Dragon’s Den as “the nice Shark Tank.” Also referenced: Steven and Chris, Corner Gas, Kids in the Hall. And Marcel rants for about ten minutes as is customary.

Lastly, Game of Thrones is coming on March 31st!

NEXT HANGOUT: Matt Murdick of Podcast Winterfell! Marcel might be less ranty!



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