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This week Bob and I sat down with Adam Poch, Big Brother superfan and contestant, 90210 expert and aficionado, appletini and bacon addict, also heavy metal teddy bear!


Adam Pock lives in Hoboken, New Jersey, which may or may not be a Street Fighter reference. Bob calls Dude, Where’s My Car? a “great production.” We start things off on a delightful note.

Marcel’s opening question: Does Adam need to win this challenge, and if Adam needs to win this challenge, why does he need to win this challenge? Marcel is kind of mean.

Did Adam’s Big Brother experience live up to his expectations and does he still watch the show? Bob wants to know why Adam’s friends thought he’d be perfect for the show. Adam reveals that he was a finalist for a previous season.

Is Adam a huge reality show fan in general or mostly just Big Brother?

Bob asks about Adam’s audition video and Adam describes his experience with open casting calls. Marcel asks if Adam thinks one has a better shot with open casting calls then with auditions. Adam describes an audition video that a famous past contestant submitted that involved him sitting in a bath tub filled with milk. Delightful.

Marcel describes his “be a recruit” strategy during Big Brother Canada‘s casting. This was recorded before Big Brother Canada premiered, so everyone speculates a bit about the shows twists, its filming in winter, and the fact that the live stream is free.

Who has Adam kept in touch with since the show ended?

Bob asks how active Adam is with charity and charity events. Adam is excited for the upcoming Reality Rally, and so are we! Adam discusses a bunch of his upcoming charity adventures, including a chilli cook off with tons of bacon.

Marcel asks how often Adam receives appletini/bacon/90210 stuff as a result of his Big Brother experience.

Adam recently appeared on Bacon Paradise. No, really.

What is the best recipe for an appletini?

Marcel asks about the origins of Adam’s various passions (appletinis/bacon/metal/90210/etc.).

What are the best and worst metal bands? What is “joke metal?” Does Adam like Tenacious D? What about GWAR?

Marcel references the Barenaked Ladies, because he has to. Adam discusses stereotypes associated with heavy metal and how he and others transcend them.

Is Adam a fan of the new 90210? Sadly this was recorded before the recent cancellation, so we weren’t able to discuss it. How does Adam feel, as a true blue fan, about how the old 90210 characters were handled in this new incarnation?

What does Adam think of his chances to pop onto an All-Star season?

Which celebrities are Big Brother superfans? Is Adam still super besties with Tori Spelling?

What is Adam’s take on the Survivor: Caramoan cast and who is he rooting for?! (hint: beard) (Note: Recorded before the show started airing)



(Marcel is not sure why Bob picked this picture. WOOO)

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