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This week Bob and I sat down with one of the lynchpins of the wonderful Survivor podcast community, Mr. Ben Waterworth! Ben is the host of Survivor Oz and intends to interview every single contestant that has ever played the game! Recently he’s gotten some of the biggest “gets,” including Russell Hantz, Rob Mariano and Parvati Shallow! He’s also scoured the earth for players many thought were lost to the internet and landed interviews with Greg Buis and even the immortal Brian Heidik! He’s also interviewed stalwarts in the Survivor community, including Dalon Ross, Goldon Holmes and others! AND he’s interviewed Mark Burnett, who answered the iconic Five Questions at the end of each show as politically as one may have expected him to.

He’s also the host of two non-Survivor radio shows,  The Brink and The Qualifying Lap.

And he has an army of something called Ozlets, so watch out.

If you are not a Survivor fan, this one might not be for you. We really get into it. We discuss the possible conflict and controversy surrounding Ben and Rob Has a Podcast (note: Marcel loves both, you guys), the joy of interviewing over a hundred Survivors, the rise and fall of Third Watch, ER and 24 (yes, there are spoilers, be warned), and even more Survivor. We even discuss online Survivor games. For seriouslies. Listen in wonder as Marcel and Ben attempt to out-obscure one another. Ben probably wins.

We really hope you guys enjoy our chat, and follow our adventures to come. Will Ben ever get to interview Hasselbeck or Zombie B.B.? Stay tuned…













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