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This week we debuted our new intro, and Marcel isn’t sure if we should call our interview subjects “victims,” but maybe we should.

This week’s guest is Alex Dunbar! He is a newsman, documentarian, all around nice guy AND a podcaster for the delightful Stop the Movie! I Want to Get Out podcast. He has been a friend of Crazy TV Talk from the very beginning and this week he had to put up with post-hangover Bob and Marcel, and the results are legen- wait for it.

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Alex works for NBC and CBS in Syracuse and has had many adventures as a result, and he is among the few (Marcel included) who has seen the obscure sort-of sequel to Anchorman, Anchorman: Wake Up Ron Burgundy. Alex’s first documentary was a haunted house story, his second was the story of a man imprisoned wrongly for a murder he did not commit who solved the murder in prison, and now he’s working on a film about a board game championship. Will he next try to find the chupacabra?

Stop the Movie!‘s next big movie is Green Lantern, which excites Marcel to no end. Marcel attempts to defend the merits of Sucker Punch. Alex prefers picking on big Hollywood disasters rather than independent films. He knows his stuff, and then some, and has some great fascinating insights about many bad movies, including Over the Top, Super Mario Bros. and Smoky and the Bandit III. Marcel shares Alex’s love for Last Action Hero. The boys discuss Vancouver’s status as Hollywood North and how laid back Canada is when compared to America.

Alex discusses the rise and fall of Battlestar Galactica and Lost, as well as his take on their endings and Fat Apollo. Warning: Mild spoilers though it’s vague enough that you won’t spoil yourself too much. Also discussed: Fringe and its upcoming finale, Elementary, Community and Arrested Development‘s upcoming return! AND MORE!



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