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This week Bob and I sat down with Brian Collins, who has been writing daily reviews of horror movies since 2007! No, really. As well, he writes for awesome geek site Badass Digest and moonlighted (moonlit?) his horror movie gig with a similarly themed exploration of the entire six season run of Lost.


Marcel has been following the site since its review of Saw IV, and pours accolades upon Brian for actually giving the Saw series a fair shake. Both parties rant about the Saw series, with love, arguably the only example of such a Saw love fest on the interwebs.

Brian breaks down his process and discusses the effects of such a longterm project on one’s mind, Kevin Murphy’s year long movie odyssey, if there are any films he won’t cover for his site, whether or not he’s desensitized to horror and his tastes outside of the horror genre. He also explains the site’s upcoming ending (as far as daily content is concerned) and the thought process behind it. Marcel repeatedly asks about eight questions at a time.


For a guy who’s seen thousands or horror films, what scares Brian? Hint: You probably can’t guess.

Franchises are picked apart with aplomb. Are there decent entry points to horror as a genre for non-horror fans? What defines a “horror” movie? Is it possible to rank the many horror movie franchises? Does Brian care for the Platinum Dunes remakes? Why is Halloween his favourite movie ever? How many movies does he watch in an average year? And more!

And then, TV:

We discuss the ins and outs of Lost, Fringe (this, however, was recorded pre-finale), Community and its many controversies, Supernatural and Breaking Bad‘s endgame.

Towards the end, the boys geek out over Badass Digest, The AV Club and Seagalogy.

It’s a great, dense chat that covered a lot of ground! Check it out!




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