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This week Bob and I sat down with Chris and Travis, the men behind FilmEd, and separately, these two amazing blogs:

Modigliani’s Movie Inquiries


Cinema Beans

One thing we try to do here at Crazy TV Talk is to turn people onto shows and films and corners of the internet they may not be aware of, and Marcel thinks these guys are so good it’s a shame they aren’t being paid by someone, somewhere, to do this stuff. Both of their blogs are filled with great reads. Seriously, check them out. That being said, they both have a hard time getting a word in with this interview.

Travis and Chris discuss their work and their collaboration on FilmEd 2011, now available on Amazon for your tablet devices and telephones!

Could Chris or Travis learn how to podcast from Bob and Marcel? As awesome internet best friends, how do Chris and Travis communicate over multiple platforms?

Chris discusses his upcoming trip to Sundance which has since happened as we’re very late in getting this interview up. Marcel, naturally, turns the discussion to How It Should Have Ended’s Lord of the Rings video, and Twilight. And forgets to circle it back to Sundance. Bob builds a robot.

Marcel asks/rants about the Oscar nominations. Travis and Chris are a bit melancholy about them but everyone’s pretty stoked for the Golden Globes, which have already happened. Time travel podcast!


Chris and Travis discuss the films they enjoyed the most that got nods, and Marcel decides to talk about The Descendants. Marcel tries to diss Bradley Cooper but Chris and Travis defend his role in Silver Linings Playbook. Why was Amy Adams nominated for an Oscar this year?

Television: Travis loves Bob’s Burgers. Bob thinks it is an old show, but it’s in its second season. Marcel likes it for at least having its own identity. Travis loves its portrayal of family.

Marcel seizes the opportunity to get Travis and Chris to weigh in on the relevancy of ratings systems on imdbRotten Tomatoes, etc., as it’s a topic that’s been discussed on the show a few times and it’s always fun to get an expert opinion. What follows is a pretty fun discussion of the relevancy, or lack thereof, of such ratings systems, and imdb gets a pretty fair shake.

Travis watches Breaking Bad. Chris doesn’t. Hilarity ensues. Marcel quizzes Travis on the fly episode (The Fly) because he has to, and Travis enjoyed it. Then everyone discusses Looper. And… SPOILER WARNING, guys, we get pretty deep into it. Bob compares Looper to The Sting (which might be the first time that’s happened) and Marcel brings up The Sting 2.

41:30-33:10 Pretty heavy Looper spoilers (the timer counts down backwards)

Then the opposite of Looper is discussed, Jimmy Fallon. What follows is perhaps the best and probably only podcast discussion ever of Jimmy Fallon’s evolution as a late night host, as well, Jimmy Kimmel (this was recorded long before the Matt Damon takeover episode). And Craig Ferguson is awesome too.

What do Travis and Chris think about the Community controversy? And more importantly (at least according to Marcel), what does Marcel think about How I Met Your Mother? And Frasier?


Both Travis and Chris are big fans of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Which seasons are the best seasons? Has it gone downhill? What works and what doesn’t work? Marcel is psyched about the “Mac might be gay” thing being referenced on the podcast and rants about New Girl.

Marcel asks Chris about Miyazaki and is astounded that he’s never seen a Miyazaki film. Everybody mispronounces Miyazaki’s name. Marcel is delighted to discover Bob loves Miyazaki.

In perhaps an unexpected turn, Chris discusses his love of Dragonball Z.

And RateYourMusic.com, which has a great film section and is perhaps a decent solution to the imdb/RottenTomatoes debate?

And Suburgatory.

This one is about as non-linear as they come (it’s like the Looper of podcasts, except not), but Travis and Chris were great sports when it comes to Bob and Marcel’s specific brand of nonsense.

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Trivia: This cat is the 2013 winner of the Palm D’Meow.

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