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This week Bob and Marcel sat down with Matt Murdick, a musician by night and podcaster also by night and sometimes during the day. And afternoons. Matt got his start with Keys to Lost back in the glory days of Lost podcasting, and has dabbled in several other podcasts, including Matt’s Musical Concepts, which is about… music (yay!). Currently he hosts Podcast Winterfell, a Game of Thrones podcast with guests and a live call-in show Monday nights!

Matt makes it a point to read each Game of Thrones novel after he’s seen the series, so that he can come at the material with a fresh perspective. We discuss the series, the books, and take many detours along the way, covering topics as varied as Dexter, Doctor WhoHomeland, Lost, Rome, Spartacus, The Walking Dead and more!

Like what you hear? Don’t like what you hear? Have an idea of what we should be covering or something we can do for a special episode? Are there guests we should be interviewing or do you have an awesome thing to promote, or internet project, or insane thirst for television that would make you a perfect guest? Would you like to join us on our weekly Hangout? Is there anything you want us to talk about?

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