41 – MARK HEWLETT, Super Winner of FEAR FACTOR!


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This week Bob and I sat down with Mark Hewlett, winner of the second winners’ edition of Fear Factor!


From a production standpoint, what sets Fear Factor apart from other reality shows and when did Mark first find out he’d be going on Fear Factor (it seems… rather last minute!)? What were the craziest challenges he did? What drastic change in his life made him ready for the show?

Marcel asks Mark to revisit the gross challenges he had to do, because he just has to ask. What does Mark think about our society’s creation of these insane games in which people have to do strange and disgusting things for money?

Warning: There are some audio problems about halfway through. Our bad. This is the first podcast ever to have an intermission! Or two.

Did Mark watch the new Fear Factor and what did he think of the super controversial donkey stunt they did in that episode that never aired? And what wacky experience did Mark have in New Zealand that may or may not be reminiscent of that challenge?

Mark introduces us to his film production company, Film Fiji. What are the pros and cons of shooting in Fiji?

What is it like being a part of Bollywood?

Mark discusses some recent shows he has been pitching and Bob asks what it takes to pitch a show in Hollywood.

And… what does he watch online? He recently watched a show called The Amish Mafia. Not to be confused with Banshee.

And what did he watch back in Africa? Hint: It’s pretty awesome.



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