34 – RICHARD HATCH, the First Ever SURVIVOR Winner!


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TONIGHT! Is the premiere of SURVIVOR: CARAMOAN – FANS VS. FAVORITES (of FANS VS. FAVOURITES for all us Canadians) and what better way to kick off Survivor season than by talking game with one of the show’s most iconic and memorable contestants?

The man… the legend… the best Hatch of all time (narrowly beating the hatch from Lost)…


(Note: If you are reading this from the future, congratulations, you have time travelled. Survivor 26 premieres tonight, yo!)


Marcel starts with a zinger: Richard Hatch’s passport. Is it renewed and can he play Survivor again?

Richard then discusses his situation vis a vis taxes and such and what has happened to him over the past few years. Richard states his case well and explains where he stand currently.

Could his treatment have anything to do with his portrayal on the show? Is homophobia alive and well and does it play a role?

Bob brings up some pretty good reality TV trivia with Deal or No Deal, and Richard describes the tangled web of tax minutia that comes with winning a game show in Malaysia.

Marcel thinks he’s found a loophole in Survivor‘s rules that may allow him to play Survivor and keep the whole million. Or… no, it probably wouldn’t work

Marcel asks what Hatch is currently up to. Does he hint at a return of Survivor? Kind of, maybe. He’s been pitching fun reality  shows to networks.

Marcel wants to know what’s going on with Richard and Rachel Reilly’s boating adventures.


Bob asks if there are decent entry points for reality TV for those who aren’t fans. Richard explains the appeal of reality TV and his take on some of the best shows out there.

Marcel asks about Hatch’s appearance on Dog Eat Dog. Remember Dog Eat Dog, guys? And then there’s his appearance on the Australian Who Wants to be a Millionaire? (Note: We hope Hatch does not mind our posting the clip!)

Marcel asks a loaded and perhaps uncalled for question about whether Trump may be a little homophobic. Hatch doesn’t see it but understands why some people could take his personality as potentially homophobic. Hatch sees him as perhaps politically motivated, but not homophobic.

How manipulated and/or edited is reality TV? What does Hatch think about Probst as a host and the great debate between applicants and recruits? What does it take to pitch a TV show?

Has Survivor‘s Richard Hatch ever met Battlestar Galactica‘s Richard Hatch?

And of course: What does Richard watch on TV? He mentions The Taste as something he’s interested in watching (note: At the time of this recording, it hadn’t aired yet. Time Travel!). Richard loves the giant squid.

A mystery solved: What does the whale tattoo mean?! And, what is his next tattoo?

What does Hatch love online? Hatch name drops Rob Has a Podcast, and we have to too in the shownotes as we’re a big supporter.

Lastly, Hatch discusses a show he is attempting to get on the air that sounds like it has promise. Stay tuned!

Bob and Hatch finish off our chat with a fascinating discussion of television from a production standpoint.

Like the famous Canadian band the Barenaked Ladies have crooned about for years, what would Richard do with a million dollars?

Lastly, Hatch discusses his relationship with charity events and the use of his celebrity to actually do something good in the world. A great note to end on.

This is a big fanboy moment for Marcel, and he would like to than Ben Waterworth of Survivor Oz, who helped us with invaluable contacts in the Survivor world and great enthusiasm, and Gillian Larson, who got us in touch with Richard and who has a forthcoming interview to be posted next week promoting her upcoming REALITY RALLY!


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