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This week Bob and I sat down with Gillian Larson of Survivor: Gabon to discuss the upcoming third annual REALITY RALLYReality Rally is the largest reality show charity event of its kind, with over 100 reality show stars. It’s in Temecula, California. There are also famous dogs that surf. On surf boards. And a snake that appeared on Big Brother. No, really.

Can upcoming stars from Big Brother Canada or Amazing Race Canada take part in Reality Rally? What is Reality Rally‘s and Gillian’s unexpected connection to The Walking Dead?

Gillian discusses the origins of Reality Rally, its purpose, and the many, many events and games and attractions featured.

Gillian shares her take on the Survivor: Caramoan cast, though this was recorded just after the cast announcement. Time travel!

As well, we talk about Gillian’s childhood in Africa and the long road to get on Survivor, as well as her current life as a motivational speaker.

Gillian spills her take on whether it’s better to have returning players over new players or recruits over applicants. How did she feel about her edit and portrayal on her season? Does she get along with Randy these days? What about Suzie’s edit surprised her?

And, because it’s Crazy TV Talk, what does Gillian watch on TV?

Gillian has been a great help to our podcast as she’s sent many reality stars our way! We appreciate her help very much and we love Reality Rally and the good intentions behind it.

Reality Rally can be found on Facebook here or on Twitter here.

REALITY RALLY is April 5-7 in Temecula, California.




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