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This week Bob and Marcel sat down with Tina Scheer, the memorable first boot from Survivor: Exile Island, just in time for her appearance on The Jeff Probst Show (@JeffProbstShow) on Tuesday!

Tenna Scheer Surviver

Tina discusses how Survivor has changed her life over the years and the story behind how she was almost cast on Survivor: Guatemala, and the events leading to her being cast on the next season. Tina is volunteering at the Iditarod later in the month. And it wouldn’t be Crazy TV Talk without an obscure reference to something obsure (Iron Will, the 1994 Tim Robbins dogsled race movie).

Tina describes the origins of her professional lumberjill career and its recent trajectory. Marcel asks Tina if, as a professional lumberjill, she knows what Squamish Days Logger Sports Festival is, and she does, which is awesome. Bob asks about reality shows that follow lumberjacks and the like, and Tina discusses Axe Men.

Main Lumberjsck Show sign

Tina is actually currently on tour with Chics with AXES. She discusses what it means to be a woman in such a male-dominated industry and sport. Why did she take up lumberjilling? The answer: Pretty great.

Bob gets Tina to sing for a bit, kind of. Tina discusses whether she is perceived differently since being on Survivor, and her various television gigs since being on the show.

Tina hates the Kardashians and has very sound reasoning behind her distaste. Sweet.

Marcel asks if Tina would return to Survivor and also what she thinks about the Fans vs. Favorites cast. Her answer is deeper than one might expect.

Tina discusses her nebulous relationship with TV and the shows she watches regularly. Her new guilty pleasure: The Bachelorette.

Tenna Scheer

Tina discusses her many, many adventures, including dancing the twist with Chubby Checker.

Is Tina’s secret to life that she just says “yes” to everything? Does Bob know that this is also Jeff Probst’s motto? How appropriate, considering she will be on his show this week! Does Tina wear flannel all the time?

This interview is exceptionally educational for anyone who wants to know anything about the lumberjill/lumberjack way of life.

As the most awesome first boot ever, who does Tina think is the second most awesome first boot ever?

And stay tuned for the best attempt at an outtro ever!


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