31 – HANGOUT NIGHT: The Longest and Craziest Hangout Yet!!


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This is our longest show yet: Audio is 1 hour 58 minutes…. Video is 1 hour 24 minutes! We cover a LOT of ground.

Our guests, hangout regulars:  @KenAMcG@numbercrunchers, @WinterfellPod!

This week Matt Murdick of Podcast Winterfell and our fantastic themesong dropped in!

We discuss Luther as Bob and Marcel are just getting into it (we have a full Luther show recorded and coming soon!). Marcel and Bob agree that it’s pretty good. Marcel rants a mean streak about Jack Reacher and Werner Herzog. Bob brings up Game of Thrones, the boys discuss Once Upon a Time and characters that may pop up in it, and everyone’s happy that the smoke monster from Lost is able to find work.

Matt’s been watching Supernatural and is all caught up. How has it been doing this season compared to other recent seasons? And we all have a great discussion about how showrunners, fans and the network all influence the run of any given show. Marcel seriously nerds out over classic Doctor Who and Matt turns out to have a great depth of knowledge about classic Who as well. And then Marcel talks over him for several minutes. Naturally. Matt loves Colin Baker and what the show was trying to do with him at the time.

Matt opens up a gigantic can of crazy worms with this question: Apple TV or Roku? What should he buy? The answer: May not be what you expect. At all. #awesome

Marcel brings up the recent TV spot for Broken City that quotes a random Tweeter, and #marcelforsnl is the worst idea ever. Marcel doesn’t think reviewing reviewers is a great idea. Does anybody in the Hangout still watch Saturday Night Live? Here and there. Also: More Game of Thrones. Will Bob watch Game of Thrones week to week this year? What’s better: Watching things week to week or all at once? And what’s more important: Character or story?

Marcel thinks Bob should read the Jack Reacher books if only because it’s fun when Ken and Bob bounce off of each other about topics they’re passionate about. Bob discusses his time in Asia.

Podcast Winterfell will have a prediction show featuring only people who have never read the books, attempting to predict what may happen in in the new season without any foreknowledge.

Marcel discusses the time he had a “party” with friends attempted to watch 24‘s first season in one go from midnight until… whatever time it ended (woo exciting party!). Matt’s record is sixteen Supernatural episodes in one go.

What’s better? Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Supernatural? And… Remember Dollhouse, you guys?

And: Marcel loves True Blood (until the fifth season) and Twilight (not the first two). Is he the worst person ever?

The show ends, but then it doesn’t. Bonus stuff that’s only in the audio:

Marcel loves TARDIS stuff and how the TARDIS is pretty much a meme now. What Hangout would be complete without a reference to how Sherlock is better than Elementary? Then the show goes off the rails for a bit.

Marcel doesn’t like Super 8, and we learn that Crazy TV Talk brings families together. Awww.

Bob asks a fantastic “desert island” question: Pick four shows. The answers are awesome and surprising across the board.

Lastly, we discuss The IT Crowd (good stuff) and Marcel’s take on the American IT Crowd‘s pilot, produced by Community‘s new showrunners. Who’s the better boss in IT Crowd, the first one or the second one? And: Red Dwarf is pretty cool, non? Which character is the best? Is it possible to pick one?

Bob ends the show on a bizzarre note.

All in all we cover so so so much ground this week and it’s a really fun listen! Check! It! Out!

NEXT WEEK: Some more stuff!

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