38 – HANGOUT NIGHT: Television Snob?, Ryan Murphy’s Attention Span, FOX’s Handling of Genre Shows, Zero Hour & Murdoch Mysteries


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Our guests: @askfindbuy, @KenAmcG, @supafi64!

This week we welcomed Jay from Supafi64! There are a ton of good laughs in this one and some great in depth discussions and debates! This is one of our best Hangouts yet, for seriouslies!

Marcel is back this week. Is he too negative?

Marcel announces the new posting schedule of Sunday-Wednesday-Friday, which already isn’t happening because this is Tuesday. Oh Marcel.

Marcel announces the new episode of Crazy TV Talk about House of Cards. The boys discuss House of Cards at length.

What has Jay been watching on TV? Jay has been catching up on Supernatural and is big into the new season of The Walking Dead.

Bob brings up a movie that has a million great zombie deaths and may involve Nicholas Cage. Does anyone know which movie he’s referencing? Drop us a line if so! Marcel thinks there should be a movie called Nicholas Cage Kills Zombies.

Is it better to start Walking Dead at the beginning or season three? Jay and Marcel have differing opinions.

Bob has been big into Elementary but kind of hate-watches it. Cop Cosplay should be a show. Marcel recently gave Elementary another chance and his take on it is rather predictable. Everyone else loves it to varying degrees.

Having to watch this television is just so boring.

Marcel admits he shouldn’t criticize other people’s tastes as he has questionable tastes himself.

What do the boys think about how Elementary is handling Moriarty? And did they screw up Mycroft Holmes?

Ken and Marcel debate their differing views of their interpretation of television storytelling.

Jay and Marcel agree that a good story should surprise you.

Marcel claims to have read the Sherlock Holmes books, and then explains that he’s read five or six and burned out. Bob posits that he probably read the premiere book and then the finale book and thinks he has enough for a valid opinion. Probably right.

Marcel describes his strategy when watching shows that don’t grab him right away, and nags Bob to watch American Horror Story, because he is contractually obligated to do so.

Marcel discusses his love of American Horror Story and Ryan Murphy’s attention span and ability to weave good stories but not necessarily good long stories.

New Who is discussed and its legacy. Will Doctor Who outlive us?

Jay brings up his love/hate relationship with Joss Whedon and Marcel compares his journey to J.J. Abrams and explores the logic behind trying out so many network shows rather than tossing something like Firefly or Dollhouse at SyFy. Everyone loves Firefly and Marcel thinks a Firefly reunion movie is inevitable but a ways off.

Isn’t Wonderfalls great, you guys?

Marcel discusses the evolution of FOX’s handling of genre TV.

Everyone discuss Arrested Development and the future of TV as a medium and how we will get content with more players on the board. Marcel references Jimmy Fallon.

Conan O’Brien should come to our Hangout.

Marcel recommends Occupy Conan, the crowdsourced episode of Conan O’Brien.

Bob discusses his experience with the pilot of Zero Hour. Marcel thinks it’s a cable show and is wrong.

Randall and Bob discuss Ripper Street.

Dear Mr. Reagan…

Bob recommends Whitechapel.

Marcel and Bob talk about Deadwood.

Randall loves Banshee. There is an amish crime boss.

Marcel pretends to have seen the entire pilot of Suits and wants Bob to talk about it. Marcel has since watched much more. Why does Bob think Suits is better than Boston Legal? Marcel brings up Luck for some reason.

Jay recommends upcoming and current video games you should be playing.

Ken and Jay love Attack of the Show.

Jay is very excited for the upcoming Under the Dome. Marcel claims to have read all of Stephen King’s books, though he hasn’t read anything after Lisey’s Story except… Under the Dome. Nobody believes he’s actually read that much King. Marcel is excited about recent casting news for UTD. Marcel is excited that Dean Norris is going to be on it but completely confuses who he’s playing.

Marcel and Bob can’t remember Gale Boetticher’s name. Marcel thinks they’re talking about Todd. But they aren’t. Marcel is now excited for more Suits.

Marcel really needs to pee.

Randall’s been watching the Transporter series.

Bob thinks Glee is a pretty negative show and possibly harmful to kids.

The boys discuss Guy Ritchie.

Ken and Randall discuss Murdoch Mysteries.

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