16 – HANGOUT NIGHT: Dexter, Forever Knight, Homeland, M:I 5 & The Walking Dead


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Our guests, hangout regulars: @BC_InsuranceGal@bsainsbury, @numbercrunchers and @podcasthero!

This, our third episode, features perhaps the greatest introduction to any Google Hangout ever, in the entire history of mankind. What happens? Tune in and find out! <— Shameless plug

This week, Marcel ate a bowl of grumpies before the show and Bob empties an entire bottle of wine into his glass, and drinks it.

The regular gang discusses one of Andrew’s favourite shows of all time, which features the greatest series finale he has seen: Forever Knight. Bonnie proclaims her love for MI5, Marcel and Margaret finally go back and forth about Dexter after waiting two weeks, and Marcel picks Bonnie’s brain over her feelings about Homeland, as she’s recently started watching it. When asked to recommend one show to everybody, everyone recommends the shows they’ve already talked about, except for Marcel, who recommends the insane second season of American Horror Story, and Randall, who provides us with a nice twist ending and recommends Boardwalk Empire.

Next week: The gang takes on REALITY TV! And their varying takes on it will be very interesting indeed! LET’S DO THIS!

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