18 – HANGOUT NIGHT: REALITY TV! – Cooking Shows, Dancing with the Stars, Japanese Game Shows, Survivor, Wife Swap, Youtube Cat Videos & More!


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Our guests, hangout regulars: @askfindbuy@BC_InsuranceGal@bsainsbury, @KenAMcG@numbercrunchers!

This week, in an epic role reversal, Bob is (probably) sober and Marcel is drinking! Marcel is even more manic than usual because his laptop battery is losing precious life, due to an impromtu and unplanned visit to a friends’ house sans laptop charger! This, our first theme episode, covers an awful lot of ground, with much talk of reality TV, and many of the biggest shows aren’t even gotten to as there’s just so much of it! We cover cooking shows (Randall turns out to be quite the expert), Japanese game shows, Margaret’s love for Dancing with the StarsSurvivor, Celebrity Wife Swap and Youtube cat videos! Marcel thinks the composer for The Walking Dead is Survivor Man and/or Man vs. Wild. Also he thinks Master Chef and Top Chef are the same show. Tune in to the Crazy TV Talk Hangout, greatest reality show of all tiiiiiiime (do your best Russell Hantz impression) and check out our first reality show talk!

Next Week: Probably Sons of Anarchy and possibly Person of Interest again! Cancelled shows we love or hate, a topic we’ve held onto for a bit! If Bosco returns, Marcel will talk about Days of Our Lives with him for half an hour without pause! Stay tuned!

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