22 – HANGOUT NIGHT: Bob on Red Wine, Game of Thrones, More Dexter, More Homeland, Starblazers & Anime!


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Our guests, hangout regulars: @BC_InsuranceGal@bsainsbury, @KenAMcG, @numbercrunchers, @podcasthero! And this week, we have a special guest, @WinterfellPod of Podcast Winterfell!

This week, special guest Matt Murdick of Podcast Winterfell dropped into the insanity! Bob is drinking and Marcel is grumpy, so all is as it should be in Hangout-land! This week we discussed Game of Thrones with Matt, rehashed whether or not the protagonist of Homeland is just crazy enough or too crazy, discussed the last couple of weeks of Dexter (and rudely sent our guest away so we could do so), allowed Andrew time to discuss one of his favourite shows, Starblazers, and even discussed anime shows (hint: nobody watches anybody, except Marcel, and, yes, Sailor Moon is brought up), and there is other assorted nonsense! WATCH AND/OR LISTEN! HOORAY!

Next Week: Our very special Christmas special, A Walter White Christmas (probably)

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