37 – HANGOUT NIGHT: Applebee’s, Blake’s 7, Breaking Bad, The Shield & House of Cards


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Our guests for this week’s Hangout: @askfindbuy & @KenAmcG!

Marcel wasn’t able to make the Hangout because he was at a wedding. He was, however, there in spirit, and the guys were nice enough to talk about him for a good ten minutes. It’s almost as though they knew he would listen!

The boys start off by discussing the recent situation with Applebees and the customer that altered a bill to change the 18% gratuity to 10%, and the social media SNAFU that followed. Bob suggests they discuss it at length on The Bunker Project the upcoming Wednesday (this was recorded a few weeks ago).

Craig, as the resident Australian, mentions the Australian show My Kitchen Rules. Bob asks Craig what the most popular shows in Australia are. Craig mentions that Australia is getting Elementary soon. Does Craig enjoy Sherlock? And it wouldn’t be Crazy TV Talk without giving Elementary a solid dressing down.

Craig loves the opening scenes of series, and the boys discuss the very first scene of The Mentalist and how it helps set the tone.

Craig discusses popular and upcoming crime shows in Australia.

Bob recently had drinks with the Norweigan bobsled team and has a few good anecdotes.

Ken has recently gotten into Breaking Bad but is having a hard time getting into it. Bob uses this discussion as a good opportunity to cover Breaking Bad, and pimps our first few shows. And we discuss the Breaking Bad Insider Podcast, which is great stuff. Bob thinks the podcast is a fantastic companion to the show and should help Ken get into it.

Can larger budgets effect the storytelling of a show negatively?

Bob discusses one of his favourite Breaking Bad opening scenes.

Ken has recently really gotten into Dollhouse, which earns him major geek street cred. He’s only watched a few but may stop. It gets better, Ken.

Craig reveals himself as a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan and praises Joss Whedon’s arc plotting throughout any given season.

Bob has recently gotten into Suits, which Marcel has also recently gotten into, and a full show about suits is forthcoming, after our coverage of Luck and Luther.

Craig brings up Blake’s 7 and then freezes and disappears. Darn you “Blade 7″?

Craig reminisces about a recent power outage issue caused by a dishwasher and the natural disasters that seem to be occuring all around him.

Bob can’t find Blake’s 7 on imdb.

Bob asks if anybody’s been following Game of Thrones leading into it’s third season.

Bob discusses Ripper Street and Whitechapel.

The boys discuss the British version of Life on Mars and the not-very-good terrible sequel thing, Ashes to Ashes.

Craig went and saw Hitchcock and loved it. The boys discuss Hitchcock. Marcel is sad he isn’t there.

Ken references the time Third Watch did an episode with six separate long shots. Nobody can remember the name of the show even though we talked about that episode weeks prior on the show.

Bob’s just gotten into The Finder.

Craig wonders if they would even bring back The Twilight Zone. And, yes, they’re making a movie. Hooray!

Ken remembers Third Watch.

Bob details his love/hate relationship with Boss.

Bob discusses Marcel’s general dislike towards cop shows and the boys talk about him for a good ten minutes. Hooray!

Craig picks on New Zealand because he is Australian and he has to. Craig brings up The Shield.

Bob is just getting into The Sins. Bob can’t pronounce Pete Postlethwaite. Who can blame him?

Ken closes the show by discussing House of Cards and its big release on Netflix.


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