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Ken on Crazy TV Talk

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This week Marcel continued his unending quest to sabotage his own podcast by skipping it to go to a party, after mandating that December 15th would be the Crazy TV Talk Christmas special. What a jerk.

Bob held down the fort with Hangout regular Ken, and the results are legendary, unlike any Christmas special you’ve ever seen, and if anything, even better. Bob and Ken are officially the Drunk Abbott and Drunk Costello of podcasting.

Marvel as Ken and Bob try to tell the difference between a TV Christmas special and a movie, and mostly fail. Watch in wonder as they try and figure out titles of films and actors that were in them, and fail. Imagine, if you will, Marcel, sitting at his computer with a cup of hot cocoa, and screaming at the screen in rage at the following, and more:

-Bob and Ken can’t remember the name of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and neither can Bonnie, but everybody remembers that Chevy Chase fell off a roof.
-Nobody has anything bad to say about Chevy Chase.
-Bob attempts to find out the name of A Christmas Story by Googling things that would never, ever, reveal the name of that movie.
-Bob looks up a list of shows that have had episodes that took place on Christmas, and assumes this means they have all had Christmas specials.
-Michael Buble is described as “squeaky clean.” Does nobody remember the notorious promiscuity/marijuana scandal of 2010? Also, is promiscuity and/or marijuana enough for a scandal these days? I guess not.

And more!

This is the most meander-y podcast that we’ve produced thus far and many topics one would never expect to be brought up during Christmastime are discussed at length, and, if nothing else, it’s pretty damned entertaining. Sometimes in an “unintentionally hilarious” way, but that still counts.

This show is so fascinating that Marcel kind of thinks “Let Bob Talk for an Hour About Random Topics We Surprise Him With” would actually be a pretty good podcast.

Here is the Woody Allen moose joke, of course he does a much better delivery than Bob.

Next Week: We have no idea! There will be blood. Oh yes. There will be blood.

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