26 – HANGOUT NIGHT: 2013 and the Future of Television as a Medium


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Our guests, hangout regulars:  @bsainsbury, @KenAMcG, @podcasthero!

This week, we debuted our new theme song by Matt Murdick of Podcast Winterfell, even though Marcel says at the beginning of the podcast that we will debut it on the next show. Hooray!

If you thought the last Hangout was all over the place, then check this one out! Because it is… moreso… all over the place. #epic

We started a bit late due to a million technical issues. News: The Christmas special was awesome, John Whitford of Trailer Clash and Jupiter’s Rooster is not named Chris (we’re sorry John!), Marcel was on Survivor Oz recently and may or may not have been a complete hot mess and may or may not have used the term “hot mess” on fourteen separate occasions, and we are now one of Alpha Entertainment Online‘s affliates!

Everyone discusses their awesome Christmases and the awesome techy presents they’ve gotten. Bob, having spent the last four months trying to sell Marcel on getting a Chromebook, has gotten both of his daughters Chromebooks. Marcel rants about The Hobbit and Idiocracy and many other things.

Bob asks everyone what their perfect Christmas gift would be. Bonnie plugs her upcoming podcast Women Talking Tech, and we will link to it once it goes live! And much nerd wankery ensues, with discussions of Twitter and Randy Zuckerberg.

Everybody discusses the current state of TV and the future of the medium, and it’s great stuff.

And then: Tangents about the Space Jump, the Mars Curiosity Rover landing, and mohawks.

Marcel randomly shouts out things coming in 2013 and discussions ensue, including:

Arrested Development on Netflix
Walking Dead is coming back
Breaking Bad‘s final block of episodes
Dexter‘s final (?) season
The Office is ending
Community with new showrunners
Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites 2
Big Brother Canada, filmed in the middle of Toronto winter
Sherlock and Louie are gone until 2014
American Horror Story: Asylum‘s insane second season is ending
Game of Thrones is coming back

Bonnie asks of any TV shows have had the impact of All In the Family in recent years. The consensus: Probably not. Marcel thinks Roseanne was ground breaking and experimental, even the last season. Then Marcel yells at everybody when Bob declares that nothing on TV is “ambitious.” And then Marcel has a bitchgasm, and then recommends Adventure Time, which he’s finally watching.

Bob asks everyone which show they’d watch if they had one “desert island show” next week and only Marcel answers.

Then: Ken hates that Tom Cruise is Jack Reacher. Marcel tells him to be more open to strange casting, and that maybe Tom Cruise will surprise him. (Addendum: Marcel saw Jack Reacher, and Ken was right)

NEXT WEEK: Some more stuff!

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