14 – HANGOUT NIGHT: Comparing Sherlock to Elementary, Favourite Cop Shows, the Definition of “Procedural,” Sons of Anarchy, Torchwood & The Young Ones


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Bob and Marcel host a full house, with nine guests! Google+ allows a maximum of ten users in a hangout at any given time, but we managed to fit in eleven! This week’s show is raucous, high energy, and well worth the watch/listen! There is an audio issue with the podcast so the beginning is cut off a bit, but the video works perfectly!

Our guests: @BC_InsuranceGal, @boscoanthony@bsainsbury, @KenAMcG, @numbercrunchers@podcasthero & @Twisted_Majic! If you would like to be a guest, please let us know! We would love to talk to anyone and everyone about their TV adventures!

-Favourite Cop Shows
-The Definition of a “Procedural”
-Sons of Anarchy
-The Young Ones

What will we cover next week? M:I 5, cancelled shows & Dexter have been claimed by our guests as priority topics and there will probably be two-ish other topics at least! If Marcel has his way, the show may devolve into a discussion of mid-’90s Days of Our Lives with Bosco. No, seriously.

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